Experience the tranquility of a silent aquarium with the Aquatop BREZA Fusion Air Pumps. These state-of-the-art aquarium air pump bubblers utilize a unique patented baffle system. This system consists of interconnected chambers with tiny openings, ensuring optimal pressure as air travels through each opening. With easy-to-turn air control knobs (available in Models 400-700), you can achieve precise air flow control. Not only are they designed to minimize noise, but they also promote a flourishing environment for your fish and aquatic plants. Discover what an air pump for a fish tank should truly offer with the BREZA Fusion series. Use with Aquatop's Premium Airline Tubing (sold separately). Features: QUIET: Super quiet operation POWERFUL: Reliable high air flow output, up to 7 air stones OXYGENATION: Creates waterflow and gas exchange RIGHT SIZE: Suitable for an aquarium up to 55 gallons FLEXIBLE: For both freshwater and marine use