Ceramic socket holds incandescent light bulbs as well as ceramic heat emitters. Attach it with ease to any terrarium. Has an on/off switch for greater control of the environment. The metal reflector increases output, while the 6-foot power cord lengthens its reach. Use with caution—allow your pet to climb up to the lamp and don’t put his food under the lamp! Level up your favorite reptile’s habitat with the Fluker's 10-in Reptile Clamp Lamp & Switch. This fixture holds incandescent light bulbs and heat emitters as the essential heating and light sources your pet needs to thrive in his home. The swivel head is spring-loaded so the bulb can radiate in any direction you need it to, while the clamp can be securely attached to any terrarium’s rim. Use the handy on/off switch to control the amount of light with ease. This is also great for use with aquatic turtles, terrestrial turtles, tortoises, aquatic amphibians, terrestrial amphibians, invertebrates, lizards, and snakes. Specifications Item Number 310140 Weight 1 pound Dimensions 11 x 10.5 x 7 inches Made In United States Sourced From United States UV Light Type N/A Lighting Color N/A Reptile Type Frog, Tortoise, Aquatic Turtle, Toad, Insect, Invertebrates, Gecko, Lizard, Snake, Map Turtle, Red-Eared Slider Turtle, Asian Box Turtle, Greek Tortoise, Russian Tortoise, Hermann's Tortoise, Red-Footed Tortoise, African Dwarf Frog, Pacman Frog, Tree Frogs, Arrow/Dart Frogs, Red Barn Toad, Tomato Frog, Fire-belly Toad, Newt, Salamander, Axolotl, Tarantula, Spider, Hermit Crab, Scorpion, Millipedes, Roaches, Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Crested Gecko, Blue-Tongued Skink, Chameleon, Iguana, Water Dragon, Savanna Monitor, Tegu, Anole, Ball Python, Pythons, Boas, Corn Snake, Colubrid, King Snake, Milk Snake