Fluker's Sun Dome Lighting Fixture is the perfect addition to your reptile’s terrarium, with all the features and quality you’d expect from Fluker’s. This extra-long, reflective lamp is made of heavy-gauge, painted aluminum and accommodates larger bulbs. Its integrated ceramic socket can be used with Fluker's incandescent bulbs, ceramic heat emitters, and compact fluorescent bulbs. And the spring-loaded swivel head clamp securely attaches to the rim of any terrarium. This lighting fixture makes it easy to bath your reptile in soothing warmth and light Features a 6' heavy duty cord with integrated on/off switch Quality aluminum construction with ceramic socket, with highly polished aluminum inside to increase UVB & UVA output Supports bulbs rated up to 100 watts (5.5" fixture) or 160 watts (10" fixture) and works great with many bulbs, including Fluker’s Sun Spot Bulb