Treat your dog to delicious and nutritious ORIJEN® Freeze-Dried Treats. Packed with animal protein, our Tundra Recipe is made with 99%* animal ingredients including nourishing goat, venison, wild boar, duck, lamb and mackerel. Freeze-dried to lock in their rich nutrients and flavor, they’re packable and perfect for adventures. At just five calories each, ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Treats are loaded with protein and amazing taste. Made with 99% quality animal ingredients. Packed with WholePrey animal ingredients, ORIJEN food includes the most nutrient-dense, succulent parts of the prey to deliver the nutrition dogs need. Freeze-dried to lock in rich, delicious goodness for a pure and tasty treat. Great for training or rewarding your dog at just 5 calories each. Made in the USA with the world's finest ingredients.