FIND THE ROOT CAUSE OF UNPLEASANT SYMPTOMS - Do you know what imbalances might be affecting your cat or dog? Are they experiencing digestive issues, constant scratching, hot spots, skin rashes, hair loss or paw licking. With UCARI you get clarity on what triggers your pet’s sensitivities, intolerances, and imbalances. SCREENS FOR 1000+ INTOLERANCES - Make informed decisions about your pet's diet & lifestyle. UCARI uses bioresonance technology to test 1000+ substances making it the largest wellness panel available. Control your pets wellness with clarity, easily and accurately test against specific foods, ingredients, environmental factors, and potential nutritional imbalances. SIMPLE 4 STEP PROCESS - Register your kit online at UCARI, collect your pets hair sample and mail your sample to our USA based bab using the prepaid shipping label. Once your sample is received into our Florida Laboratory we will ensure results are delivered within 48 hours to your inbox. 2x FASTER DIGITAL RESULTS IN 48 HOURS - Our test kit provides accurate, easy to read color coded results for your furry friend's diet and how the environment is affecting the quality of their life by identifying possible imbalances, intolerances & sensitivities. Transition from uncertainty to informed action swiftly once you receive your cat or dog's test results. VETERINARIAN APPROVED WITHOUT THE VISIT - Our painless, non-invasive, and affordable at-home testing solutions are backed by veterinary professionals. With no vet visits, no waiting rooms, no needles or no additional costs, you can easily carry out our comprehensive test on your cat or dog from the comfort of your home.

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