So you want to keep your reptile homies warm and cozy at night? Well, look no further than the Zilla Incandescent Night Black Heat Bulbs! These babies are heavy-duty with filaments that last longer than your average bulb. Plus, we've got a whole selection of wattages to meet your specific pet care needs. - Provides ambient heat that helps create a healthy environment for your reptiles - Heavy-duty filaments ensure hours of performance, so you won't have to replace them too often - We recommend using these bulbs with our Zilla Reflector Domes for optimal heating power - Best of all, these bulbs don't emit any annoying visual light that could disrupt your creature's sleep or your own room ambiance - These bulbs are 100 watts, perfect for creating a warm and cozy spot in your reptile's habitat - And did we mention they come in a sleek black color that looks super cool? Your reptile homies will thank you for keeping them stylish AND warm.