After a long day of lounging in the sun, your scaly friend deserves a cozy and focused basking spot. Enter Zilla Incandescent Night Red Spot Bulbs! These babies will create a dramatic visual effect while also providing concentrated heat and light in one spot. - Pinpointed light and heat allows your reptile to regulate their body temperature by easily moving away from the heat source. - Heavy-duty filaments ensure that each bulb lasts longer, giving you more hours of service. - With recommended use alongside Zilla Reflector Domes, you'll achieve the perfect basking spot on the warm side of the terrarium. - These bulbs are 100 watts, making them perfect for nighttime heating needs. - Create a more focused beam of light with these bulbs, providing your reptile with a stunning and cozy basking area. - Say goodbye to cold nights and hello to a happy and warm reptile with Zilla Incandescent Night Red Spot Bulbs!