Made of natural cypress mulch. Designed for insects, spiders and other similar invertebrates. Helps to mimic a wild, natural environment. Helps to hold humidity. Provides physical and mental stimulation. The Zoo Med Creatures Floor Reptile Habitat Substrate gives your creepy crawly critters an environment that is incredibly similar to their natural habitats. It’s made entirely of natural cypress mulch and is designed for your critters’ sensitive needs. The mulch helps to hold humidity, and you can gently mist it periodically to raise humidity levels in your tank. The substrate also provides physical and mental stimulation to keep your critters happy and active. Specifications Item Number 636270 Weight 1.98 pounds Dimensions 12.2 x 5.95 x 2.6 inches Reptile Type Lizard, Tarantula, Invertebrates, Spider, Hermit Crab, Scorpion, Millipedes, Insect, Roaches