Zoo Med’s new Eco Earth Coconut Chips is a natural coconut coir substrate made from an eco-friendly, renewable resource. The material is highly absorbent (holds up to 8 times it’s dry weight in water!) and retains that moisture well, releasing it slowly to create a humid, tropical environment perfect for a variety of different reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. This substrate works well as a stand-alone substrate for humidity-loving species, and for humid microclimates, but can also be used in bioactive substrates. When mixed into a bioactive soil mixture, the coarse pieces increase aeration, resist compaction and allow for drainage which are all beneficial factors in supporting live plant growth and clean-up-crew health. Coconut Chips are long-lasting and naturally mold-resistant, so you won’t need to change or replace them frequently. After use, this product can be safely composted and re-used in potted plants or gardens! Natural coconut coir substrate, made from an eco-friendly, renewable resource Great for bioactive and naturalistic terrariums Coarse pieces increase aeration, resist compaction, and allow for drainage Long-lasting and naturally mold-resistant Absorbs and retains moisture (up to 8X its dry weight in water!) Use with reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.